Taking the lead with values

Our convictions and inner attitude are closely connected with our core values. What motivates, what inspires us? What are we passionate about and what do we stand for?


Whether it’s private or professional, our attitude and our conduct are strongly influenced by our personal, core values. When experienced authentically, teambuilding, enthusiasm and passion provide po­si­ti­ve effects and create a very special atmosphere that’s infectious! The values of respect, fairness, honesty, trust and personal responsibility stand therefore in the foreground of our professional relationships. They form the basis of our thinking and dealings and are needed for a healthy corporate culture, personal development and creativity.


Long-term and strategic partnerships don’t just spring up overnight. They are products of the reliable experience, which we have collected over the years with our employees, applicants and customers, and which has thrived especially well on a foundation of mutual trust.

Professional consulting and recruiting is not only our business, but our passion: we work on a daily basis with the greatest professionalism and high standards for quality in order to give you the ideal support.

Since the founding of our company, we have placed value on continuous development and that is how we ensure discerning service and innovative solutions. Important to us in this approach is a balanced relationship between consistency and dynamism. Forward thinking and working for mutual success, today and in the future, because: success is a matter of attitude!

adesta is engaged

Our activities in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) show that for us it is, by far, more than just business! CSR for us at adesta is not essentially about how we yield profits, but rather, it is much more the attitude we have and the methods we use toward making a profit. This includes, for example, our conduct, our high standards for quality and the internal, core values with which we realise our daily work as recruiting and outsourcing experts. For us this commitment is the heart of our corporate culture and is deeply anchored in our mission statement. For many years, we have been committed to a wide variety of community, social and athletic projects, in which we volunteer, donate and sponsor and often also apply our key strengths for the use of others, free of charge.

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