Entrepreneurial Responsibility

In our capacity as an employer, we bear responsibility for professional and respectful interaction with each other. We aim to act in a considerate and fair manner in this case – for the welfare and protection of everyone involved!

People and Work


As employers, we set standards for the coexistence of many individuals. When this works well, long-lasting connections and strategic partnerships are often created. Very specific principles in this cooperation, which are regarded as a minimum standard, are defined in the Diversity Charter, or in our Code of Conduct. They combine the observance of the laws with the right to ethical behavior. adesta employees should be given the orientation, safety and help to fulfill their tasks to do the right thing. adesta customers have a promise - the promise of integrity, appreciation and trust.

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adesta's Code of Conduct

The laws applicable to the Federal Republic of Germany, business guidelines and adesta’s internal guidelines may not be infringed. Here, the law serves as the cornerstone of ethical conduct. Within the framework of our activity as a personnel service provider, we observe the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).

All people should be treated equally. Careful and considerate treatment is just as important as the respect of human rights. Intimidation, harassment and abusive language will not be tolerated in any form. Discrimination in all forms is prohibited, be it based on age, skin colour, disability, sex, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or other irrelevant or unlawful characteristics.

The employees of adesta are assured of our compliance with all applicable labour laws. The hiring and/or promotion of employees take place without discrimination. Abusive language and unprofessional conduct among employees is prohibited. Mutual respect and respectful and considerate dealings with one another are paramount. This is also self-evident when it comes to dealing with clients, suppliers and other business partners.

Our customers receive complete, fair, prompt, exact and understandable contracts. The purchases, sales and contracts are subject to the sense of responsibility of the participants (that means, for example, that cash or other favours will never be demanded or accepted in connection with a contract, agreement or the purchase of services!).

A safe and healthy work environment for our employees has the highest priority. In the course of this, special measures will be observed to comply with environmental and labour laws. Our employees will therefore be obliged to avoid work-related accidents and to comply with the safety regulations of the workplace.

To guarantee fair competition, adesta is committed to complying with the fair trade and antitrust regulations accepted worldwide. These forbid, for example, price fixing, the exchange of information about tenders, respectively – documents, the sharing of customers, areas or markets and/or limitations on scheduling agreements. Upon joining the company, every employee becomes obligated to inform the management about any possibly cases of fraud they may encounter.

To prevent conflicts of interest, we must avoid any relationships or activities that objective decision making would not permit (e.g. hiring an acquaintance or relative into one’s own department or running for or accepting a political position without the prior consent of the company management). Furthermore, circumstances in which conflicts of interest arise or in which personal interests come in conflict with the interests of the company should be avoided.

All records will be produced, used, saved and stored according to statutory regulations. Pursuant to the right of data protection, confidential information will always be treated as confidential and the confidential information of others will not be misused. The company assets (capital, ideas, technology, customer data, etc.) should be protected against theft, unlawful appropriation and unauthorised use by every employee.

Furthermore, adesta respects the safeguarding of licenses, copyrights and the intellectual property of third parties, e.g. the copying of licensed computer software, the use of logos or trademarks of other companies, copyright protected print, video and audio materials. Computer and telecommunications systems should be protected against damage, modification, theft, fraudulent use and unauthorised access by every employee. Business and customer information may not be made public under any circumstances.

adesta renounces all forms of bribery and kickbacks. No bribes will be offered and paid on the side of the company, nor will any acceptance of such monies take place. Furthermore, no gifts or hospitality will be offered or accepted that could lead to or even create the appearance of unlawful manipulation. Additionally, official, government decisions may never be influenced by unlawful manipulation, such as through bribes for public servants or political parties. This also applies to donations to candidates that are running for a public or non-public office.

The effect that our daily work has on the environment should never be overlooked and therefore we will try to do our part to protect and improve the environment. Because: a respectful relationship with nature and the resources it provides is inalienable to us!

All employees are expected to immediately report all instances in which the performance or reputation of the company could be negatively influenced to the company management.

We not only want to be a service provider for our applicants and customers, we also want to be socially responsible. This does not just involve donations of money and in kind, but also personally active contributions by adesta employees. Here at adesta, we also regard social responsibility as the attitude towards the way we use our core competences every day with great passion and generate profits, thereby creating social utility.

Unterzeichner der Charta der Vielfalt
Global Compact

Diversity Charter / Global Compact

As a cosmopolitan and value-oriented company, adesta is, for example, a co-signatory , adesta is a cosignatory of the Diversity Charter and the Global Compact.


Everyone has the same opportunities at adesta. In accordance with the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, nobody at adesta is discriminated against or favoured on account of their gender, ethnicity, race, language, home country and origins, faith, or religious or political beliefs.

In the interest of the company, the sole criterion for filling management positions is the qualification of the person in question. Quotas or other objectives, which would generally limit the selection of suitable persons, do not exist when filling the positions for the above-mentioned reasons.



We know the importance of social media and how public perception about our company, services, employees, applicants and customers is influenced by it. Employee presence in social networks (such as Facebook, Xing, Twitter, etc.) is thus respected and promoted.

adesta's management team has developed a guideline together with the specialist departments of personnel marketing, IT and law in order to provide the employees with important guidelines and tips for actions for the correct and responsible handling with these medias.

This directive deals with the following topics:

  • Proper handling of confidential information
  • Publication of content related to adesta or the respective client company
  • Etiquette on the Internet

and is recognized by all employees when they begin at our company.
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Health and Safety

Work calls for an ever increasing amount of flexibility and individual working hours patterns are a vital factor. People's requirements concerning working conditions are increasing: only those companies that also focus on employees' needs will remain competitive. Not only must companies be profitable, they must also focus on values and health.

  • As part of our corporate health care, we offer our employees an extensive health care package. Every one of our employees undergoes, for example, an occupational medical fitness examination, a compulsory health check-up or a recommended check-up at one of our selected providers before starting work or receives elective preventive care depending on their needs. A first aid safety course is held once a year for all first aiders. Other examinations, which arise depending on the deployment areas and the task, are carried out individually.
  • adesta's company doctors are also available to answer any questions relating to nutrition, exercise and the work-life balance.
  • In view of the wide range of activities at adesta, we also cooperate closely with the Statutory Accident Insurance Association (VBG) regarding the safety of our employees. In addition to regular further and advanced training courses staged by the VBG, we primarily ensure that safety regulations and guidelines at work are observed and taken into account.
  • Depending on the future deployment area and the task, the employee attends a safety training course in the company. This course includes both standardised questions of the VBG and training films.
  • You can read the documents used by adesta online at: http://www.vbg.de/ .
  • An internal adesta employee with responsible for occupational safety and quality management is also available on-site. This employee was qualified and trained in these topics beforehand.
  • Another part of our corporate health care is reflected in the sports activities inside the company, e.g. the adesta football team, the adesta running group, the Darmstadt Tennis Championships, etc.
  • Our employees take part in these activities in their free time with great interest and passion, and regularly attend sports events in the region as a team.

More about athletic engagement at adesta

Faire Geschäftsprinzipien von adesta

Fair Business Principles


Our daily responsibility

Ever since the company was founded in 1999, our objective has been to offer a first-class service which exceeds the expectations of our customers and employees. The focal points in our daily work are the values of respect, fairness, honesty and trust. These values form the basis for our thoughts and actions, and also for a healthy corporate culture in which personal development is desirable.

The company is committed to the highest ethical standards. In addition to the adesta Code of Conduct, we are also committed, for example, to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 10 principles of the Global Compact.