Application Process

Application Process

Step by step – the fast, transparent and quality-oriented way to your goal! A successful placement with prospects for you is always the focus!


Phase 1

  1. 1

    Job postings for our currently available positions

  2. 2

    You can reach the application via our homepage or through various job portals

  3. 3

    Screening and evaluation of the application documentation by our assigned recruiter

Telefoninterview und Vorstellungsgespräch

Phase 2

  1. 4

    Establishing contact

    • as required, advance information over the phone by our team in central recruiting
    • if applicable, the arrangement of a telephone a personal interview  
  2. 5

    Telephone/personal interview

    Clarification of the following aspects:

    • professional qualifications with respect to the demands of the position
    • completeness of the documents with respect to professional qualifications and career history
    • general conditions and process of the cooperationg
    • as required, career prospects as well as alternatives corresponding to experience and qualifications
  3. Optional:

    The use of a certified test (e.g. language, IT skills, personality test or written ability tests)

  4. 6

    Comparison of the application with the job requirements of our client company

Kundenunternehmen erhält Ihr Profil und gibt uns eine Rückmeldung

Phase 3

  1. 7

    After a po­si­ti­ve evaluation and then a consultation with the candidate, an anonymized candidate profile is forwarded to the adesta client company

  2. 8

    Screening and application of the candidate by the adesta client and their personnel decision-makers

  3. 9

    Positive evaluation by the client

    • Preparation with an adesta recruiter for the job interview at adesta's client company
    • Scheduling of the job interview at the client company
    • Job interview at the client company
  4. Conclusion of Contract

    • Prompt decision concerning the further course of action
    • Conclusion of a job contract either with adesta within the framework of personnel leasing or with adesta's client company within the framework of direct placement

Aufnahme in den adesta-Fachkräfte- und Spezialistenpool
Aufnahme in den adesta-Fachkräfte- und Spezialistenpool

Refusal by the client after screening of the candidate’s profile or after the interview

  1. A

    Candidate is informed of the refusal by the adesta recruiter

  2. B

    After approval from the applicant: addition to the adesta professionals and specialists pool and, where applicable, consideration for other appropriate, available positions

  3. C

    If after reviewing the candidate profile or an interview we receive a refusal from the customer: further support from the adesta recruiter and notifications of new, suitable vacancies at our client companies