adesta started sustainability projects in the anniversary year! Short interview with some of the tree sponsors.

adesta started sustainability projects in the anniversary year! Short interview with some of the tree sponsors.

Assuming responsibility and producing benefits!

Another sustainability project was started on 28 February 2019 on the occasion of this year's company anniversary "20 years of adesta".

As a show of gratitude for loyalty and allegiance to the company, adesta donated 21 trees to the city and transferred the sponsorships for these trees to long-standing employees. In adesta's mission statement the tree represents the five core competencies which provide employees with guidance and support in their daily cooperation with applicants, work colleagues and customers.

The most important aspects at a glance:

  • 21 "adesta trees" were planted in the Greater Darmstadt area
  • The air quality is better, new habitats are being created for plants and animals, and, finally, the visual appearance is an investment for future generations adesta therefore demonstrates its strong links to the city of Darmstadt
  • The practised corporate culture of adesta becomes clear
  • The tree sponsorships were given to employees, who have worked for adesta for more than 10 years, as a show of gratitude for their loyalty and allegiance.

Questions to our tree sponsors

I have been working for the company since 2007. That means I have been here for 12 years.

I hold adesta in high regard as an employer on account of the honest and fair dealings with one another and the personal and professional development which you receive as an employee. Work is always being carried out in the areas of know-how and innovations.

In my field of activity I believe that the continuous work on expert knowledge and the open attitude towards innovations are essential, irrespective of whether they are self-initiated or become necessary on account of changes in the law. We therefore ensure high quality despite quickness.

Patrick Dietze

10 years in January 2019.

adesta places its trust in me and my work. I am encouraged to tackle new challenges. This permanently promotes my personal development.

Honesty, trust and responsibility, to name a few integral parts of the roots, underpin the work in my teams. These values, especially also for me personally, form the basis for po­si­ti­ve cooperation.

I have been working for the company for 10 years.

During the job interview adesta took account of my personal needs in regard to flexible working hours and trusted me completely in this respect. adesta did not mind when I said later that I wanted to work longer hours. I was able to improve my skills and was promoted. 

Respect, honesty, trust and responsibility, and promotion of different skills within the team.

Christine Burghardt 

Zorica Stojanova

I have been here "right from the start" – i.e. since 1 July 1999.

adesta is an employer with real values that are not only found on the company's homepage, they are also practised. The tasks provide you with considerable scope for creativity and development. Promotion and development are practised to a great extent. Every individual contributes to the success of the company. Honesty, transparency and fairness in dealings with one another are not only clichés, they can be felt every day. We ideally complement each other through our different personalities. adesta is developing constantly, innovatively and permanently. I are delighted to be part of this company every day.

Multiplication through good management - respect, honesty, fairness, trust and responsibility - assuming responsibility and producing benefits.

On the day the trees were planted (15 March), i.e. exactly 15 years.

For many years, the continuous po­si­ti­ve development of the company with the inclusion of all employees. Focusing on long-term strategic cooperation with customers and the high quality of all services.

Everything revolves around people in our daily work – because it's all about contact with applicants, employees, customers and colleagues. I regard "esteem" as the most important aspect here. It is expressed in respect, honesty, fairness and trust towards the particular contact person. Reliability and the attempts to attain high quality are also important criteria for successful work every day.

Oliver Jungclaus

adesta's Code of Conduct

I can look back on almost 18 years at adesta. This time has been very varied but also challenging.

Trustful cooperation and, in particular, cohesion in the company are practised every day at adesta and are precisely the values which motivate me personally and make adesta special for me as an employer.

Deep-rooted attitudes and inspiration are extremely important for my work so that I can responsibly devote myself to the requests and needs of our employees. Values such as respect, honesty and fairness are always the focal points in this case.

Margaret Velitchko

I am celebrating my 10th anniversary with the company this year.

At adesta, employees are the top priority and are regarded as the basis for the success of the company.

Appreciative cooperation – coupled with expertise and an independent method of working.

11 years in 2019.

When I started my training as an office administrator at adesta in 2008, I would never have thought that I would still be part of this company almost 11 years later. At adesta, I really like the fact that you are individually perceived and regarded as a person. Even if you are experiencing hard times in your private life, someone is there for you and you receive the support which allows you to look forward to the future. I very much appreciate the team work and the flat hierarchies at adesta. The company is like a family which is growing continuously.

Every practised adesta value is important for my work as a HR assistant. Every value overlaps with another, and no company can be profitable without successful cooperation.

Ramona Hose