Taking the lead with values

Taking the lead with values

Our convictions and inner attitude are closely connected with our core values. What motivates, what inspires us? What are we passionate about and what do we stand for?

Competence area 1: Our attitude and inspiration

The roots: what guides and motivates us

Anyone who has daily responsibility for the wishes, ideas and needs of their employees, applicants and customers personally needs a healthy and stable life basis from which orientation, self-regulation, energy and motivation can be drawn.

Respect, honesty, fairness, trust and responsibility are the focal points of our cooperation and represent, as adesta values, the roots for our desired permanent relationships.

Ever since the company was founded, our guiding principle has been to "accept responsibility and produce benefits" which are firmly anchored within the framework of our social commitment and will also be proactively pursued by us in future.

Competence area 2: Our character

The trunk: What distinguishes us - different personality profiles and characters

It is important to us that people individually complement each other well and that esteem forms the basis for trusting relationships. We are aware that the po­si­ti­ve perception of our environment is closely related to our character traits. Our behaviour is a clear indication of our attitude and convictions.

We pay attention to the conformity between thinking, speaking and acting, and regard reliability as an indispensable characteristic in dealings with our fellow human beings.

Competence area 3: Self-regulation

Load-bearing branches: Self-regulation

As a recruitment and outsourcing specialist, we set standards in successfully placing employees with employers. Our image is characterised by high quality standards in spite of quickness.

Every day, we are encouraged to authentically imbue this superb unique feature with life and actively organise the wide range of adesta services for the benefit of everyone involved.

We pay special attention in this respect to our time management and the consistent focus on completing important tasks before urgent matters.

We carry out purposeful planning, act in a focused manner, use suitable methods, make clear decisions and communicate in a clear and comprehensive way.

Competence area 4: Managerial competence

Branches: Multiplication through good management

Further development and healthy growth are shaped by the influence of capable managers. They reproduce what we are rather than what they say. We individually ensure that different abilities and talents are developed in a team. By acting as a role model, we set important standards in dealings with one another and assign responsibility.

Our adesta Code of Conduct combines legal compliance with our demand for ethical behaviour. These principles provide us with security and guidance in fulfilling our tasks.


Competence area 5: Expertise

Leaves: Expertise as an investment in the future

We use our many years of know-how and expert knowledge together with innovation and implementation expertise in an effective and purposeful manner in the interest of our employees, applicants and customers, and also take account of our own business needs in this respect.

Our objective is an independent way of working with self-responsibility. Backed up by individual personal and professional support, we question the attitude to this and jointly evaluate our individual commitment. We also set great store by the continuous promotion of young experts.