Taking the lead with values

Our values and convictions form the basis for our thoughts and actions, and also for the healthy corporate culture in which authenticity, personal development and creativity produce a special atmosphere. Find out what motivates and inspires us, what stimulates us and what we stand for!


Mission statement

Based on our mission statement, we consider 5 competence areas which provide us with guidance in the endeavour to implement our vision of permanent and strategic partnerships, and achieve the related objectives regarding diversity, quality and swiftness.

These areas are:

  • Our attitude and inspiration
  • Our character
  • Self-regulation
  • Managerial competence
  • Expertise

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Entrepreneurial responsibility

Permanent and strategic partnerships are therefore not simply created overnight, but rather through the reliable experience which we have gained over the years with our employees, applicants and customers, and which thrives very well based on mutual trust.

Ever since the company was founded, we have attached great importance to permanent further development which ensures high-quality content and innovative solutions.

We have a special responsibility in the following subject areas:

  • People & work
  • Health & safety
  • Fair business principles

We are, for example, a co-signatory to the Diversity Charter and the Global Compact, and reject in our adesta Code of Conduct any form of exploitation and discrimination.

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adesta is committed

Our activities in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) prove that we have much wider interests than just business! Here at adesta, CSR is not the main factor in how we use profits, but primarily the attitude to the way in which we generate profits. For many years, we have been involved in a large number of social and sporting projects in which we offer assistance, make donations and provide sponsorship or constantly use our core competencies without payment for the benefit of other people.

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