To accept responsibility and thus to be beneficial to society has been a guiding principle of adesta’s social and communal commitment from its beginnings. Social engagement has an effect, not only those receiving something, but also on those who are making an active contribution. Personal involvement on the part of our employees offers them the opportunity to influence something and often holds the promise of affecting a change in attitude or even being able to see things from a whole new perspective. That personal commitment has radiant power and is valuable, it is clearly visible in our individuals as well as in our surroundings.

Social En­ga­ge­ment at adesta

Darmstädter Tafel (Darmstadt's Food Bank)

In addition to donating materials and money, adesta has been an active supporter of the non-profit food bank in Darmstadt since 2008: employees from the adesta team often volunteer in the kitchen of the Darmstadt food bank to help prepare lunch for the daily visitors. This longstanding support is a sign that our employees have taken on active responsibility in matters of social concern and that adesta has anchored a commitment to the community deeply into its corporate policy.

Since 2009, a special concern has connected us with the children’s hospital in Darmstadt: above all, we would like to help better the treatment of the little patients and make it easier. Therefore we ultimately don’t only help the children, but also their parents and the hospital staff. In this way, we have been able to finance multiple devices, which have contributed considerably to the relief of everyone involved.

We have supported the “Association for Children with Cancer and Chronic Diseases" since 2011 with donations for purchases, family therapy offers, psychomotor activities and programs for children up to the age of 18. For example, adesta donated a workbench table and a sand light table to the association.

Since 2014, adesta has supported their hospice work. Donations have been made for the volunteers, for example for supervisions, group meetings, events and for courses for preparing the volunteers for hospice and palliative counselling services.

adesta has been financially supporting this institution since 2013. The I.S.A.R. Germany Search and Rescue Teams are able to respond quickly to world-wide emergencies with well equipped rescue specialists and rescue dogs on operation site to save buried and injured people.

Other organisations that we have also regularly supported for years:

  • Darmstadt’s Women’s Shelter
  • Diakonisches Werk Darmstadt-Dieburg (Church charitable organisation)
  • Darmstadt bleibt weltoffen (refugee assistance association)

Community En­ga­ge­ment

Edith Stein School in Darmstadt

Since 2008 adesta has offered career planning for students in the 11th grade at a Darmstadt academic grammar school. Within the framework of the education partnership between the school and adesta, there have been many workshops covering the topic of “personality & career orientation.” The support of students preparing for their professional lives is something that is very dear to adesta and its employees.

In 2015, a new project called “Identify your Talents” was born. Here, the focus was on professionals already in the work force (academic as well as non-academic professionals). The goal is to make it possible for the participants to become more aware of their personal strengths through the use of aptitude testing procedures / types of tests and with these, be able to optimise their application strategies or increase their application chances. The project “Identify your Talents” ideally illustrated the professional core competencies of adesta paired with its commitment to the community.

Athletic En­ga­ge­ment at adesta

SV Darmstadt 98

adesta has been a loyal supporter of the traditional Darmstadt football club since their days in the German third league. Through sponsoring of professional sports, adesta would like to make a conscious contribution to the development of team spirit, fair play and tolerance according to the company slogan, “Success is a matter of attitude.”

adesta Darmstadt Open City Championships

For the 2016 tennis season, adesta is the new main sponsor of the "adesta Darmstadt Open City Championships” and is happy to be able to contribute to the continued growth of tennis in the Darmstadt region. This commitment to athletics doesn’t come out of nowhere: adesta has long since made a commitment to sports clubs in the region and is sometimes also an active participant.

Environmental En­ga­ge­ment


Think of tomorrow today!

adesta takes its function as a role model seriously and has been using renewable energies for years. We use green-electricity, our paper is made of 100% recycled material and our suppliers are nearby and located in the region. In addition, we are certified according to DIN EN 16247 (energy audit).

These are just a few examples of how we want to contribute to a healthy environment at adesta. The following presents further measures which we have already initiated and implemented in recent years.

Regardless, we will continue to drive and optimize our environmental responsibility in the future. We want to deal with the resources made available to us carefully and efficiently - see also point 8 of our Code of Conduct.

  • The certification was carried out by TÜV Hessen according to DIN EN 16247.
  • The energy audit according to the European standard DIN EN 16247 systematically analyzes the energy use and consumption.
  • Our certificate is verified and confirmed within the framework of the regularly recurring external energy audit.
  • Already for several years, adesta has been supplying its green-electricity via the local company entega.
  • The entega green-electricity for commercial and business customers is regularly certified by TÜV Rheinland and is produced free of nuclear power and CO2-free which comes entirely from renewable energies.
  • This makes the entega green-electricity for adesta the perfect building block for the sustainability strategy of our company.

Download our certificate.

  • With the specialist disposal company EAD Darmstadt, we take care to properly dispose of our electrical waste as well as old or defective monitors according to RoHS guidelines. Our electrical appliances, computers, etc. are rendered unusable by the responsible employees in advance; All company-specific information is deleted.
  • Since the Battery Ordinance took effect in 1998, GRS has been responsible for the collection and recycling of used batteries and accumulators all over Germany. adesta also uses this free service and disposes batteries and rechargeable batteries professionally. In our offices, we have placed battery containers at central locations. These are used by all employees and then disposed of directly via GRS.

  • Also with regard to the IT sector, a lot has been done in the past! When purchasing our hardware, for years we have followed this criteria:
    • Selection of regional wholesalers
    • Purchasing of devices that are assembled directly in Germany
    • Appropriate disposal of hardware and used toner by EAD Darmstadt
  • In 2014, a consolidation and virtualization of the server and storage systems was carried out, reducing the power consumption by approx. 76%.
  • By 2020, we have set the goal of reducing our already significantly reduced energy consumption by 20%, compared to the 2015 figures.
  • With our paper purchases we always heed to using environmental friendly paper. Our copy paper is 100% recycled paper and comes from sustainable forestry. Our supplier also attaches great importance to care and sustainability when dealing with the resources in selecting their suppliers.