Ser­vice with added value and without compromises

Ser­vice with added value and without compromises

From the first contact to your successful placement, you profit from our expert knowledge and our extensive network.

adesta Ser­vices


Personnel Consulting

In personnel consulting projects, we make possible the ideal staffing of demanding and sought-after professional and management positions possible through our close, personal contact both with applicants as well as with the decision-makers of our client companies. From the initial conversation to the signing of the contract, our experienced personnel consultants place great value on individual support, competent consulting and a high transparency in every step of the project and recruitment process.

One of the many advantages for our applicants: in most cases, these positions are not publicly advertised by our client companies at all. So talk to us if you are on the lookout for an attractive, new assignment. You can be assured of the utmost discretion!

Personnel Placement

In our employment agency, it’s all about direct placement with one of our renowned and in­ter­na­tio­nal client companies. Thanks to our wide range of custom tailored vacancies, we offer applicants ideal support and the best contacts for finding their dream job with long-term prospects.
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For companies, the employment agency is the suitable service when it comes to staffing a position quickly with the skills needed at relatively high quality. Since we are continuously investing in wide-ranging recruiting activities and, aside from that, maintain target group oriented talent pools, we are able to introduce ideal candidates as quickly as possible. You save a lot of time and money and can concentrate on the essentials! 


From temporary to permanent: you begin your employment by signing your contract with adesta in the personnel leasing department and then are assigned to your possible future employer. You test out whether you and our client company are right for one another in the long run under real working conditions, if you fulfill each other’s needs and if a direct working relationship lives up to the concrete expectations of both parties. Then, nothing stands in the way of a new contract and your assignment turns into a permanent, direct placement with the adesta client company – a common and largely successful experience with us.
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All sides profit by proceeding in this manner: The employee is financially secure in that he/she has continuing employment with adesta, even if it doesn’t lead right away to a direct employment offer with the client company – and our client can be absolutely sure, with the higher flexibility, that they have made the right staffing decision.

Personnel Leasing

For us, personnel leasing means primarily the placement in medium to long-term assignments. For the most part, these end with the adesta customer company taking over the employment contract directly – a clear indication of our open style of communication and fair, reliable cooperation from the beginning. As an adesta employee, you profit from the above average compensation and pay scale allocations as well as an individual support from your personal counselor.
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As our customer, you obtain high flexibility through the fast placement of motivated, reliable and qualified adesta employees. Furthermore, we apply the same high standards for quality in recruiting these employees as we do for personnel placement and consulting. How do we do it? As recruiting experts, we constantly carry out a multitude of contemporary recruiting measures, which secure a large supply of available candidates – exactly what you need – fast, temporary and at fair conditions!

Out/New Placement

Sometimes the reduction of jobs is unavoidable for a wide variety of reasons. Here we support companies and thereby mainly their employees who sometimes have to leave working relationships of many years. For us, the focus of this is always on a new placement with long-term prospects. Our success rate is based on a broad customer network and excellent consulting expertise.

adesta Consulting Ser­vices


Business Process Outsourcing        

Increasingly, modern companies are completely or partially outsourcing certain key tasks. For our clients in various sectors, we take on the tasks of customer service (call and written), operational support and CRM and data services as well as receivables management. Our own, specialised employee teams offer our clients a top service with the most modern ICT solutions. These include, among others: Multichannel ACD (vACD) to the in & outbound integration, call recording und monitoring, call number routing, TAPI & VoIP connections, monitoring and evaluations, professional e-mail, letter, fax, text message and call distribution and social media ser¬vice. This means high flexibility for our clients. For our employees, this means that they are always getting to know new work situations, processes and ICT applications and can further develop a multitude of skills in top work environments.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

A special form of outsourcing is RPO, Recruitment Process Outsourcing. When it comes to the field of successful recruiting, we are leading the way. We are the specialists with vast, expert knowledge. That's why we are also totally flexible in the ways that we can support companies on a very individual basis.

We can function as both a temporary or permanent expansion of capacities in component processes or from “A to Z,” externally or also on site at our client’s location. Everywhere where the HR capacities of our client companies aren’t sufficiently met and personnel would have to otherwise be extended, we can come to their assistance quickly and without complications. An also a further advantage: all adesta clients can use our high-performance, adesta e-recruiting software as well as our multichannel ACD (vACD), which includes professional e-mail, letter, fax, text messaging and call distribution – effective solutions for more results!

Freelancing / Interim Ma­nage­ment

For over ten years, we have been active in the freelancing and interim management sector. Thanks to these long years of cooperation, we have been able to earn a multitude of clients who again and again are happy to take advantage of our highly-qualified freelance professionals – be it in project management / PMO or as temporarily available specialists in finance / controlling, HR, procurement, sales and marketing or IT / telecommunications.

On-Site-Ma­nage­ment / MSP

With on-site management or as a Managed Ser­vices Provider, we take over and combine the control, organisation and processing of all personnel service providers on site at our client companies. With on-site management, adesta is often itself the main provider or preferred provider for the clients, while in MSP, our neutrality stands in the foreground as an expert in the commissioning of various providers for the client. Even here, all relevant processes in our MSP software can be integrated and transparently controlled, mapped and reported.

Aptitude Testing / Coaching

We offer diverse aptitude testing procedures which can be used for the following fields, for example:

  • Staffing (internal and external personnel selection, permanent or temporary, according to professional, specialist and management level)
  • Location determination (e.g. in the context of outplacement)
  • Potential assessment in the context of personnel development

Speak with us if you prefer high consulting expertise as well as the careful and reliable handling of these topics.